Invisible Hinge – E.Brass finish – 117 x 25mm

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Hinge Concealed Invisible 117mm Brass Plated

Also known as type 216 Series

Used for fully concealed door, panel and flap applications.
For 35 -38mm panel thickness. Hinge requires solid timber or solid Mdf boards.
This hinge has special installation / positional requirements.

Material: Zinc Alloy
Finish: Brass Plated

Hinge must not be more than 6.35mm from edge of the timber (Leading face of door)

Measurement (A): 25.4mm
Measurement (B): 18.25mm
Measurement (C): 117.5mm
Measurement (D): 65.9mm
Measurement (E): 36.5mm

Gap (when hinge is closed) (F): 1.6mm

(photo/drawing a representation only)