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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find frequently asked questions about our company, services & products. If you have a question that you do not see answered on this page, please call us on 03 9499 2833. We prefer a conversation than a email so we may ask some questions in regards to what your looking for.

General Questions

Where can I find you? Online! As of 1st of November 2021, we no longer trade from a bricks and mortar store. To order, please phone / email Customer pickups will still be available with 2hrs minimum notice in the Fairfield Vic area. Location and pickup details will be supplied when purchasing. How do I get a catalogue of your products? We currently no longer publish a catalogue. Our website shows a broad range of what we sell but we offer a larger range again than whats on the website. Because we add new products almost every month, we have found that we cannot keep a catalogue up-to-date. We hope you can make use of our website.

Is there a minimum order value per order? Hinge-Fit Pty Ltd is a specialist wholesaler. Our minimum order / sale value is $100 Per order + Freight + GST

A Customer collection point is available with 2 hrs notice. The address will be supplied with your confirmation receipt.

For overseas orders our minimum is $1000 AUD

How long does it take to get my products once they have been ordered? This can depend on which products you have ordered. Items on this site are generally in stock and shipped the next business day. Business days counted as Monday to Friday. At the time of ordering you will be informed of the approximate lead time.

What is your return policy? We spend a lot of time and resources to ensure that you are making the correct purchase. Choose carefully before purchasing. If you change your mind with the item purchased we do not offer refunds or credits (warranty claims / faulty goods excluded).

Do you send products outside the Australia?. Yes, On minimum orders of $1000 AUD.

I have a product that I am trying to replace but I need help identifying it. Can you help? You can email us a digital photo and we will do our best to help. Give us call first to see if we can help. You can also send us the actual item. If you would like it back, please include a postage-paid self-addressed Jiffy bag. Also include your contact details so we can contact you. Please keep in mind our minimum order value of $100 + freight + GST

Some of your products sell by the “each” and some sell by the “pack” or "pair" what is the difference? Products are generally priced as each + GST.

Most items sold in pairs are due to the special installation/operation requirements of the item or how the item is packed.

Some smaller value items will be sold in a box or pack quantity only. Example; Fasteners 1000 Pce Pack.

I want to replace my butt hinges. How do I make sure the screwholes on the new hinge will match the screwholes on the old hinge, so I do not have to redrill the holes? Unfortunately, hinge manufacturers have never standardized the location of their screwhole patterns. Every manufacturer puts their screwholes in a slightly different place. This means that when you replace hinges you will almost certainly have to do some filling and redrilling.

How do you measure your hinges? We measure our hinges in the open position, as if they were laying open, flat on a table. Height is the first dimension and width is the second dimension. The height direction is usually the same direction as the hinge pin. The width direction is usually the direction that is perpendicular to the hinge pin. “Joint length” is the measurement from tip to tip of the hinge pin.