Design 351 2100mm Aluminium

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Design 351 Continuous Hinge 2100mm

  • Heavy Duty door hinge for doors 40mm thick
  • High strength aluminium alloy precision extrusion with exclusive mechanical principle that eliminates the familiar hinge pin – to provide the appearance of solid trim yet opperate through a a full 180 Deg rotation.
  • Design 351 hinge joins door to frame along full length for a smooth, no-gap surface of immense strength. Sealed joint is eminently suited for areas which must be protected against humidity, light and noise.
  • No cross-cuts or breaks. The full profile of each extrusion is joined along its entire length. Consider application where pilfer-proofing and complete weather – sealing are needing.

Continuous Hinge
Material: Satin annodised Aluminium
Length: 2100mm
Open width: 103mm
Flap width (each): 39mm
Closed thickness (flaps):  8mm

Pin size (internal): n/a no pin used
Pin size (OD): 19.6mm
Pin material: Aluminium

Notes: This is a drilled product.

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